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The John Oliver Killens Writers Workshop Inc. is committed to creating avenues through which it can introduce new audiences to the work of emerging writers of color.  In comporting with this aim, the workshop has created The Other Half: The Magazine of Emerging Writers of Color, a bi-monthly publication dedicated to presenting an eclectic collection of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction by emerging writers of color.  The magazine is committed to showcasing works that exhibit beautiful prose, solid craftsmanship and enduring themes - the hallmarks of good literature. 

Writers of color have long been relegated to the periphery of mainstream literary publications. 
The Other Half is committed to placing those marginalized voices at the forefront, providing them with a forum through which they can tell their own stories in their own words.  This publication is a necessary tool in the struggle for people of color to have ownership of their images. 

The Other Half has carved out a unique niche for itself, presenting a myriad of voices--African-American, Caribbean, East Indian, Asian, Native American, Latino and Gay & Lesbian, etc.--that no other magazine offers between its covers. 

Our mission is to tell the half that has not been told and to speak for the muted voices in our society.

" became a challenge to me to try to tell that half that had not been told..."

-Dr. John Oliver Killens

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